Saturday, April 17, 2010

Real Wedding: Ronnie and Sue Ann


There's something very majestic and passionate about the color purple, isn't there? Recently we were hired to decorate the wedding reception of Ronnie and Sue Ann at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, and our beautiful bride requested a purple and white theme... much to our delight!

While our dear friend Michelle (of Michelle Wedding Consultants) and us prepped for the evening, the talents from The Photoz snapped the pictures.

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The foyer area outside the Hilton KL ballroom was decorated with tall, uncomplicated arrangements in the shape of ring stands - all ten of them. Here we used lots of white daisy pompoms, white roses, white feathers and dark purple Vanda orchids.

Ronnie and Sue Anne displayed huge canvasses of their beautiful pre-wedding photos in the foyer, which gave the cocktail reception an "art gallery" atmosphere. In that mood, we created an "art piece" arrangement for their guest reception table. We have never done anything like this before, but it was a lot of fun to make and included a couple of unconventional items!

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Among the roses, green moss and snake grass, we used long green beans as well! See that green ball in the top left photo? That's made out of long green beans :) And in the top right photo, we hand-made the white netting with pearl beads and draped it carefully over the modern arrangement.

We spent a whole day making the white netting that measured 5 feet x 1 feet. How was it done? With a glue gun (with white glue, of course) and a bathtub of cold water! Squeeze the glue onto the surface of the water in the pattern of your choice, let it harden, then lift it out carefully. Once it has dried completely, glue on your favorite beads and crystals or whatever you fancy, and you're done!

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Lush florals lined the aisle in the ballroom, the numerous 2-tier stands decked in dark purples, blues, dark pinks and a pop of white and green. We used wine-colored hydrangeas as well as lilac, blue and green, dark purple eustoma, white roses, green dendrobiums, green apples as well as green and clear crystal beads.

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A look at the colors in its natural state, without all the colorful ballroom lighting. Aren't they beautiful! These colors look amazing for a day-time ceremony or reception too.

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For the main table's centerpiece, a lush and romantic setting with a refreshing touch of fruit. Here you can find purple phalaenopsis orchids, green, blue and wine-colored hydrangea, green dendrobium and hanging green amaranthus.

We had planned for the apples to be piled into small, short vases and not tall ones, but the catering staff had removed them after the previous party and did not bring them back for this party! So we made do :) Do you think it worked just as well with the tall vases??

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The beautiful wedding cake, decorated with simple adornments of white roses and purple Vanda orchids... We like this "whimsical chic" a lot!


invest4ff said...

I love all the decorated tree!

Really nice design.............................

Wishing Tree said...

Hi and thank you !

Anonymous said...

The deco is amazing. Well, done. How much does it cost to have such decorations? RM100K?

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