Friday, May 15, 2009

Real Wedding: Dolly and David

Hi everyone! We have a new wedding to share with you today. Thank you so very much to Dolly and David for sharing your big day with us, and to the ever-talented Jim Liaw for the wonderful pictures.


One of the things that makes our job interesting and keeps us on our toes is re-interpreting popular colour themes that are classic and timeless. For Dolly and David, they chose the ever elegant matte gold and cream for their wedding reception at The Westin Kuala Lumpur. The style - Grecian with a modern twist!

Photos by Jim Liaw Photography

Their wedding planner, Shen Yi of I Do Weddings, was entrusted with the planning and given a free hand in all things flowers and decor... so all we had to do was surprise them with our creations, which we absolutely love doing! The ultimate reward is seeing the look of joy, wonder and excitement on the faces of our bride and groom and their guests.

Our bride carried a simple bouquet of gorgeous white phalaenopsis, which looked anything but simple! The sheer size, shape and texture of the beautiful flowers was perfection against the clean lines of her Carven Ong gown. The ballroom at The Westin was a sight to behold as the lights dimmed and candles were lit. Using white phalaenopsis, dendrobium and carnations, we created centerpieces and standing arrangements in an "organic" flourish instead of the usual, more structured arrangements. Glass vases and gold candles lent an elegant air to the evening.

The highlight of our interpretation of "Grecian" with a modern twist is the gold leaves used in abundance thoughout the ballroom. Our crafty creative director, Adrian, in a moment of brilliance came up with the idea of spraying our eucalyptus leaves matte gold! The result: "Everyone loved the decor so much that they remember it to this day! It definitely made an impact." - Shen Yi

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Real Wedding: Andrew and Serena, Part III

So you've seen Part I and Part II of Andrew and Serena's wedding reception. Here are some pictures from a more "traditional" Chinese banquet for family and friends held at Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur.


As you can see, we kept the pink theme, but this time using only roses and hydrangea. We also used white feathers and white branches for a more "wintry" ambiance in honour of Andrew and Serena's unforgettable wedding proposal (see Part II).

Photos by WondrousVision

Many thanks again to Poh Lin and Yeh for the wedding details and the beautiful photos!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Wedding; Andrew and Serena, Part II

In our first post on Andrew and Serena's "friend's only" dinner reception at Sassorosso we showed you how pretty the venue looked in the daytime, with a crisp pink, green and soft gray palette. When the sun went down, the candles were lit, and people came to party.... it looks almost completely different (in the most marvelous way)!

Photos by WondrousVision

So, so romantic! The glow from the candles beautifully lit up the floral arrangements and created a sparkly effect off the the glassware. We think the long table arrangements really helped maximize the lighting effects for the ambiance and photography.

One of things we love about Andrew and Serena's wedding is that they've managed to incorporate little things about themselves as a couple and their courtship into the details of their wedding, making it truly special and truly theirs.Did you notice the little favours on the plates? They were chocolates in mini zip-loc bags...and there's an awesome story to go with it!

Andrew and Serena love travelling and enjoy the outdoors very much. They are also avid skiers (which inspired their wedding cake). Before the wedding planning started, our couple decided to brave the world's highest mountain and climb it. Little did Serena know, Andrew was planning to propose to her on Mt Everest... with the diamond ring tucked safely in a mini zip-loc bag that he carried all the way up!! How romantic is that? :)

We have one more post from Andrew and Serena's wedding. This time, a more traditional Chinese banquet with family and friends held at Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur coming up next.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Real Wedding: Andrew and Serena, Part I

It may seem that we at Wishing Tree love creating big, bountiful arrangements that are both lush and luxurious - which is true :) - but we also love the beauty and elegance found in simple arrangements done up with a minimalist colour palette. For Andrew and Serena's wedding reception at Sassorosso, we were honoured with the opportunity and responsibility to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere for a dinner party with our couple's friends. We love the idea of a 'friends only' party!

Many thanks to the talented Poh Lin of I Do Weddings who planned the couple's wedding, and Yeh of WondrousVision, the photographer behind this affair and did a wonderful job capturing the elegance and simplicity of the evening.


Sassorosso is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, with indoor and outdoor seating. Its contemporary setting was perfect for the arrangements we had in mind for Andrew and Serena. Described as "easily the coolest couple", they wanted something simple and elegant in colours that would appeal to both their feminine and masculine, so it was pink for Serena and and soft gray for Andrew. An excellent match to complement the venue's contemporary interior with clean lines, neutral shades and white linens!

Now, the pictures you've been waiting for...

Photos by WondrousVision

Flowers for the tables consisted of pink tulips, pink cymbidiums and pink roses. Our bride also mentioned that she liked green very much, which was the main reason for choosing the imported tulips - the vivid, cheery green from the stems and leaves of the tulips was such a delight to see! Silvery gray candles were placed on the tables to be lit up as the sun went down. The effects were marvelous - as you will see in the next post.

See Part II and Part III!

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