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Real Wedding: Jeffrey and May

Our lovely couple, Jeffrey and May, tied the knot recently and engaged us to decorate their big day. Thank you for sharing such a treasured life event with us!

 photo jeffreymay01_zps0f8e3393.jpg

For their wedding, Jeffrey and May knew that they wanted two main things: "personalization" and "beautiful flowers". Creating the ambiance for a warm, cosy ceremony and reception for their closest and dearest family and friends was of utmost importance, which we were more than honoured to be responsible for. Our couple personalized many items such as ribbons, table cards, place cards, individual menus, and even personalized "ang pow" packets to bless friends and family with.

The colour palette for this wedding included pink, orange, coral, lilac and purple for the daytime church ceremony, and stronger, more vibrant colors in the same family for the dinner reception. "It was truly a celebration of colours!" says May, who added that the bountiful flowers had her bridesmaid's 2-year old son asking why his mum was at a flower show. May tells us that the little man has since called her "flower princess auntie".

The beautiful photos you're about to see below are by Louis Pang.

 photo jeffreymay02_zps12675697.jpg
 photo jeffreymay09_zpsee1d0bf3.jpg
 photo jeffreymay08_zps42db3968.jpg

May wanted peonies for her bouquet, as they are her favourite and she had used peonies in her pre-wedding photoshoot. We were crushed to inform her that peonies were not in season at the time of her wedding, and although we managed to find some from Holland, they refused to bloom in time for the big day. Despite the sad news, we created a lovely bouquet for May that took her mind completely off the peonies :)

Her bouquet of multi-coloured ranunculus, tulips and roses were perfect for her, we thought, a simple bunch of bright hues really stood out; May totally "owned it" with her charisma and beautiful smile. Her bouquet and the square, floral arch were her favourite at the church ceremony.

We loved the shade of purple of the bridesmaids' gowns; the color was rich and regal yet the gowns were elegant without being over the top. In the same light, we created the bridesmaids' bouquets to reflect the same elegance, with complementary colors. The pastel green hydrangea and lilac roses were the perfect accompaniment to the purple roses that were the same shade as the gowns. May informed us that all her bridesmaids later used them to decorate their homes and offices for the next week or so.

 photo jeffreymay12_zps0ff5f8e5.jpg  photo jeffreymay35_zpsd526e189.jpg

Above are a couple of shots of what's to come for the dinner reception at The Westin Kuala Lumpur - vibrant colours galore! We have several shades of pink, fuchsia, lilac, purple, orange, deep yellows, and touches of green of course. On the left are centerpieces for guest tables, and on the right, a wedding cake by Truly Scrumptious, with cascading flowers and a special Hello Kitty cake topper for the Hello Kitty fangirl in May. We love that little quirky touch!

May tells us that no meal with her husband is complete without dessert. To reflect his sweet tooth, our couple hired our event partner, Tie The Knot, to set up a dessert bar filled with sugary treats for the cocktail reception. We don't have the pictures but Tie The Knot also made popcakes in individual pots as guest favours for the lunch reception.

 photo 691_may_jeffrey_zpsa6a979c4.jpg
 photo 677_may_jeffrey_zps9123ac4b.jpg
 photo 698_may_jeffrey_zps189e186e.jpg  photo 679_may_jeffrey_zps2ccd761d.jpg

Jeffrey and May's dinner reception at The Westin Kuala Lumpur was nothing short of romantic yet vibrantly elegant and filled with flowers.. Take a look!

 photo jeffreymay31_zps6bd1ddaa.jpg
 photo jeffreymay27_zps312859de.jpg
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Together with The Westin ballroom's renowned lighting, the floral decor and resulting ambiance garnered countless "wow's". May had constantly reminded us that the "wow" factor was the most important aspect of the ambiance she was aiming for, and was happy to inform us that many of their guests had glowing comments, telling her that their wedding was the "best and most beautiful they had ever attended". This was particularly wonderful for her as most of these comments came from their "harshest critics", and many took the trouble to call their parents and themselves to convey their compliments. Our job isn't just to please our brides and grooms... but also their family and guests! :)

Every guest table had a glass vase topped with lush hydrangea, roses and dianthus, set atop a mirrored box and surrounded by small candles - enough to keep things interesting for guests yet not too big or busy to block views or distract.

We love that Jeffrey and May, at the end of the reception, told their guests to help themselves to the flowers. Everyone did without being asked twice.

 photo jeffreymay32_zps068f4abb.jpg
 photo jeffreymay33_zps50134d7c.jpg

Jeffrey and May, thank you once again for sharing your big day with us and for being such a wonderful couple to work with. We wish you all the best for your lifelong journey together!

Photography  Louis Pang
Wedding Coordination  Stephen Foong
Stationery  Arcadia
Dessert Bar  Tie The Knot
Baker  Truly Scrumptious

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