Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Real Wedding: Lauren and Hua Yew

Several years ago, Lauren received her first bouquet of flowers from Hua Yew on Valentine's Day. She loved the bouquet very much. Since that day she had always known that if she got married in Malaysia, the florist where her first bouquet came from would do the flowers for her wedding.

And that is how Wishing Tree became a part of Lauren and Hua Yew's big day.

Congratulations again, Lauren and Hua Yew, on your marriage. We are honoured to have been there at the beginning of your courtship, and all the way to the altar -- what a privilege indeed. Thank you for sharing your wedding with us, and with our readers!

(All photos by Fifoto Photography)

Lauren planned the wedding herself, while living and working in Singapore with Hua Yew. She started planning about a year in advance, and booked Wishing Tree the moment she booked her reception venue at Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel. This is no small feat, for working bride to personally plan two weddings in two different weddings! But of course, Lauren is no ordinary bride.

Our couple wanted an elegant, tasteful wedding with a fresh and natural atmosphere. Green and white were their favorite theme colours. Thanks to Lauren and her vision for their wedding reception, here are more snapshots of their wonderful wedding:

For a pop of texture and glamour, we used diamante accessories to bring more life into the green and white theme. Such a simple yet effective layer, as diamante ornaments are pretty easy to find.

The greens were arranged "organically", with varying sizes, heights, textures, structures and shades...

We hung many green and white paper lanterns on several large, leafless trees throughout the ballroom. They helped to break the visual monotony of green and white flowers with their height and spherical shapes. This is something we like to do when a design theme is focused heavily on a particular colour or one type of flower, etc.

Above is one of general views of the ballroom from the entrance. The central walkway is flanked by tall floral arrangements heavy with lush orchids and flowing ivy.

We at Wishing Tree, are truly honoured to have been a part of your big day. We are very pleased that you, your husband, and your guests have enjoyed the flowers -- nothing makes us happier than to hear that your experience with us has been a positive one. A little note from our bride reads:

"My guests from all walks of life and who attended from all around the world could not stop commenting on how beautiful the flowers were, and how amazing the decor was in the church and in the grand ballroom. Lily totally transformed the ballroom within my budget and I wish I could relive the moment again..."

Thank you once again, Lauren and Hua Yew. Best wishes from all of us, always!

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amit said...

Amazing wedding bouquets of fresh flowers . Beat wishes for Lauren and Hua.

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