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Real Wedding: Adrian and Adeline

When Adrian and Adeline first approached us, they shared with us their vision and design for their big day and we were instantly in awe of their impeccable taste and a style that seemed so effortless.

Today's featured wedding isn't so much about the flowers and decor. It is the inspired, minimalist elegance that our couple exudes, transferred onto the backdrop and atmosphere for a truly stylish and intimate evening held in their honour. Even more amazing is what their perfectly-executed design based on a monochromatic palette can achieve. See for yourselves!

 photo IMG_0033-edited_zpsda82a75f.jpg

Black, white and grey are the colours of choice for Adrian and Adeline's big day. Adrian's minimalist style and Adeline's design aesthetic as a jewelry designer are evident from the moment their guests received the wedding invitations. "Streamlined and classic, with an edge" comes to mind as one receives a perfectly square white envelope, embellished with a single crystal diamante. Inside it, a square, white card wrapped in lace, a strip of grey satin ribbon and a diamante button. Surely, this is one wedding you can't miss.

Our stylish couple doesn't stop with the invites. Adeline tells us that they had kindly requested for their guests to dress in only black, white or grey! The best part is that everyone did, and the photos turned out stunningly well. We love that our couple threw in a little "audience participation" that allowed their guests to truly be a part of the wedding.

Many thanks to Darren and Sze Ming of Creative Clicks for the photographs!

 photo AampA-984-edited_zpsec9d54cb.jpg
 photo AampA-976-edited_zps58f772a0.jpg

Adeline and her beautiful bridesmaids take our breath away. Among the soft and elegant grey gowns and white bouquets, our bride is perfection in her white lace gown and her bouquet of bright pink peonies.

 photo AampA-923-edited_zpsa596ab00.jpg
 photo AampA-1089-edited_zpsbc4a5b9c.jpg  photo AampA-949-edited_zps7be8e0ff.jpg

The imported peonies bloomed right before the wedding. We were really hoping for the that "just bloomed" look instead of having them fully bloomed, and they were just perfect for Adeline's walk down the aisle.

 photo AampA-1179-edited_zps8fdf1e90.jpg  photo AampA-1357-edited_zps1f2f95e9.jpg

For Adeline, the walk down the aisle was the heart of the wedding. This was going to be a walk to remember, and her dream aisle involved lots and lots of white petals. It was breathtaking, and very romantic.

 photo AampA-1463-edited_zps5c2dbaa1.jpg
 photo AampA-1349-edited_zps684454f0.jpg
 photo AampA-1410-edited_zpsd0f04259.jpg
 photo AampA-1471-edited_zps93848cb4.jpg

This is probably the simplest altar we have ever decorated -- just two oversized arrangements perched on mirrored columns. The plain expanse of the muted background wall provided for simple yet dramatic backdrop, and worked well with the couple's fairly large bridal party that accompanied them at the altar. The busy ceiling of the hall was another good reason to keep the altar decor light and simple!

After the intimate wedding ceremony, guests were ushered into the dining area. Again, our couple wowed with their classic and minimalist style and elegance -- in a space decorated in white, with textured blooms and simple glass vases on all-white linens.

 photo AampA-1575-edited_zpsf469f110.jpg  photo AampA-1576-edited_zps8b91a81d.jpg
 photo AampA-1577-edited_zpsd46ff620.jpg
 photo AampA-1574-edited_zps2f995f77.jpg

We love that even the cake gets the themed treatment. Minimalist, yet textured and romantic with just a couple of flowers and tons of sparkles between the tiers.

 photo AampA-1766-edited_zps848d5c28.jpg
 photo AampA-1834-edited_zps01feadba.jpg
 photo AampA-1924-edited_zpsac17e437.jpg

Not a guest out of place, as everyone (including children) dressed in white, black or grey.

 photo AampA-1697-edited_zpsf6bc1a09.jpg
 photo AampA-1700-edited_zps8e3311fa.jpg

We are truly honoured to have been a part of your big day, Adrian and Adeline. Our best wishes to you always on your new journey in life together!

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