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Real Wedding: Tengku Azura and Rahmat, Part I


Gorgeous, isn't it? This looks like a page right out of a magazine, if we may say so ourselves :)

Our bride, Tengku Azura, envisioned her big day in white winter theme, decked in gorgeous blooms in a lush setting and heavy with the scent of romance. What an honour to be given the privilege to bring her dream wedding to life! She and Rahmat held their wedding reception in the grand ballroom at The Westin Kuala Lumpur, photographed by one our favourite photographers, Yeh of Wondrous Vision. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Yeh!


Lilies are Tengku Azura's favourite flowers so we were sure to use plenty of them in the bridal table's centerpiece. The wonderful fragrance of lilies that filled the air was indescribable. Even though we wanted to fill the tops of these tall vases with lilies, we didn't want them to look squished together either, so we used white roses to fill the space between the lilies. Tendrils of white mathiola, slivers of silverleaf and delicate strings of crystal beads complete the tall arrangements.

Photobucket Photobucket

The base of the centerpiece was covered in white blooms as well. Using more glassware filled with white lilies, white roses, silverleaf, mathiola, and white chrysanthemum "ping pongs", we achieved loads of texture and varying heights. Arranging all these different flowers in separate vases makes this a breeze to do. Add some white candles between the arrangements, and you've got all the right stuff!

Photobucket Photobucket

One of the standout installations at this breathtaking reception were the white trees dripping with gorgeous mathiola that framed many a photograph taken that evening. These were real trees, towering at 12 feet and lining the aisle leading to the bridal table and the stage. In the top right photo, you can see one of our designers trimming the bountiful baby's breath used to decorate the base of the trees. The height of the trees were important in achieving the effect we wanted; see how tall they are compared to him?

We hung hundreds of mathiola on the branches and wrapped strings of orchid garlands around the tree trunks. Tea lights dangled from the branches at varying heights, and we simply couldn't wait for the lights to be turned down! The effect would be nothing less than magical, as you can imagine.


Here is another view of the bridal table and the stage in the background. We also provided the drapes and linens to ensure our bride's "strictly white" wishes were met.

Photobucket Photobucket

Guest tables also featured centerpieces and all-white flowers. Pictured here are the tall arrangements (we also made low arrangements that you will see in Part II of this Real Wedding) filled with mainly roses, with a few lilies and white chrysanthemum "ping pongs". White mathiola, silverleaf and crystal beads complete the arrangement to tie-in with the arrangements featured at the bridal table.

One of our creative directors, Adrian, is pictured putting the final touches on the three-tiered wedding cake. We really enjoy using imported roses - just look at the sheer size of them compared to Adrian's hands! The stage is decorated with tall floor arrangements using white phalaenopsis orchids, roses and strands of orchids, while the white trees feature more orchid strands, white chrysanthemum ping pongs, baby's breath and hanging tea lights.

Look out for Part II of this beautiful wedding reception, when the lights go down and magic comes out to play!


Azura Safiyuddeen said...

To the team at Wishing Tree and Lily in particular - I can't thank you enough for making our wedding reception so overwhelmingly beautiful. You transformed the ballroom into a resplendent winter wonderland setting I had always envisioned.  The ivory flowers, cascading crystals, snow-lined trees dotted with tea lights and the winter ambiance was everything and more than we could possibly dream of!  It looked exquisite because there was so much attention to detail. You translated my ideas seamlessly thanks to your fantastic and efficient team. 

Wishing Tree made our wedding so memorable and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.   Definitely the best floral designers in KL! 

Vignesh said...

Hello, I just wanted to find out how much those lighted blossom trees would cost?

Anonymous said...

fantastic... miss all of you...
-azmah- :-)

Wishing Tree said...

Hi Vignesh,

It is subjected to the design and the size of the tree. Maybe you can drop us a mail at info@wishingtree.com.my to discuss further in detail?

Thank you for your kind interest in us. :)

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