Monday, December 29, 2008

Kind words from our clients

Our clients are the best! We are always so touched when we receive thank you notes and messages from our clients after their events. As a wonderful bonus, we have developed and maintained treasured friendships with many of our partners, associates, brides and their families for the past 10 years (and counting!).

Here are some excerpts from notes and e-mails sent by our dear clients:


Dear Lily,

I wanted to drop you a note with a big THANK YOU for the beautiful flowers at the church and at the wedding reception. Everything complemented each other beautifully for my theme - from the flowers on the canopy drapes, table arrangements, the cake table and our main table. The centerpieces were gorgeous and our guests were totally smitten with the flowers! Thank you so much!

Best Wishes,
Elizabeth James


Dear Lily,

We had a great time last Friday and really enjoyed hearing wonderful comments from our guests about the floral decor! Janet's bouquet was absolutely superb, especially with the sea shells in it. She loved it so much that she was quite reluctant to throw the bouquet! The decor and the ambiance were just marvelous and the table decorations were simply stunning - so creatively done.

Special kudos to your assistant Woan Mee for her attention in your absence, and your entire (super!) crew for getting the hall ready in super-quick time! Thank you so much for your personal touch throughout our event as well. We will definitely recommend your services for future events, corporate or personal. Well done, Wishing Tree!

Best regards,
Leo and Janet Vincent


On our 10th year....

"Congratulations the Wishing Tree team and special thanks to Adrian for his excellent work on all Clarins events. The combination of your creativity and teamwork is nothing less than impressive and extraordinary! The amount of glowing feedback we receive on the decor at our events make us very proud to use Wishing Tree. Well done and happy 10th anniversary!" Grace Ong, PR Manager, Clarins Malaysia

"I can always count on Wishing Tree to provide me with the freshest and most beautiful flowers. Lily, Adrian and their team always meet my expectations, fulfilling all my requirements and their customer service is top notch! I highly recommend Wishing Tree to anyone looking for quality floral presentations!" Lillian Lai, Senior Visual Merchandiser, The Melium Group

"We at Club 21 Malaysia would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Lily and the Wishing Tree for their wonderful service rendered throughout our working relationship. We are most glad with your team performance as they have been very consistent in their utmost professional services each time we collaborated. Furthermore, we definitely have no doubt in your creativity and quality of flower arrangements for our events to date. Congratulations again on your 10th anniversary. We look forward to more opportunities to work together in coming fashion seasons!" Natalie Yip, Marketing Communications Manager, Club Twenty-One

"Wishing Tree knows a special kind of language – the language of flowers! Whatever the occasion, the Wishing Tree magically captures the mood and emotions with flowers. I have used them for all my celebrations, and my husband only sends me flowers from Wishing Tree because he knows how much I love their arrangements and flower selections. A true couture florist!" Dian Lee, Managing Director, The Clearwater Group

"Thank you Wishing Tree for the gorgeous wedding flowers you’ve created for my clients’ weddings all these years. Your expertise in this business you obviously love is amazing and awe-inspiring; every detail is magically transformed into a beautiful masterpieces. Your team truly has passion for what they do and it shines through in their work. I look forward to more working opportunities with you. Congratulations on reaching your 10-year milestone and happy 10th anniversary!" Michelle Chow, Wedding Consultant, Michelle Wedding Consultants

"Wishing Tree has not failed to impress and deliver from the first wedding we worked together almost five years ago. Your commitment to delivering only the best together with your reliability and organized We believe the wonderful work by Wishing Tree is attributed to their commitment, having one of the most artistic chief designers in town and a team that is very organized and reliable. The attention they give to each client is something everyone should experience with their florist or decorator. We believe that as years go by, Wishing Tree will continue to deliver the very best in quality and creativity!" Poh Lin and Shen Yi, Wedding Consultants, I Do Weddings

"I have been ordering flowers from Wishing for the past five years and never once have Lily and her team failed to surprise me with their beautiful flower arrangements. Their willingness to listen and suggest the best accordingly to their customers, to me, is the key of success in this trade. Well done to Lily and her team!" Mariam Teh

"Wishing Tree has been decorating my home for the past eight years, offering the most superb choices ansd presenting them in the most spectacular fashion. The quality of their flowers and creativity of their designs leave me no doubt that they are indeed one of Malaysia’s top brands. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, I wish you all the best!" Puan Sri T.E. Kua

"For over four years, the most imaginative and creative floral designs are something both Hilton Kuala Lumpur and our guests can expect from Wishing Tree. They always impress with their creations, constantly taking ideas to the next level. We treat their designs as wonderful floral architectures that have become an integral part of the overall product and experience we offer at Hilton Kuala Lumpur." Paul Hutton, General Manager, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

"Throughout our working relationship, you have been a trustworthy, responsible and diligent wedding industry partner. Your ideas, creativity and value-added service have always made a big impression on my clients! I constantly recommend them to all my couples who are looking to make their wedding even more beautiful." Leticia Hsu, Director, Events Wizard

"Your invaluable service to The Westin Kuala Lumpur since our opening in 2003 makes you our preferred business partner. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!" Kim Powley, General Manager, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

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