Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year giveaways

From top: Azalea, oncidium twinkle, hyacinth and phalaenopsis

There is an auspicious Chinese saying "Hua kai fu gui" which means prosperity and wealth at the arrival of flower blooms. We can't think of a more appropriate occasion to present just blooming flowering plants to our clients, can you?

The azaleas (top row) are specially imported from Belgium and are just beginning to bloom. They will look absolutely amazing when the fuchsia pink flowers cover the entire plant! They also came in vivid purple. The oncidium twinkle (middle row) is a miniature orchid from the "Dancing Lady" family that grows to about 6-8 inches tall. It may be small, but it sure has a big personality with its profuse flowering and the most fragrant smell of vanilla and spice. This export quality orchid is grown in Malaysia (from imported seeds), but is mostly reserved for export to Japan and South Korea.

Seriously, how cute are the hyacinth bulbs (bottom row, left) from Holland?? These measure 5-6 inches tall and fit perfectly in our tealight holders. The florets haven't fully grown yet, and when they do, they really are stunning. One more for orchid lovers is the phalaenopsis imported from Taiwan. These are different from regular phalaenopsis because of their spots, and are long-lasting too.

We delivered some 60 pots to our hotelier clients and some of our most important customers - we hope you enjoy the flowers during this festive season, with much prosperity throughout the new year!

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