Sunday, March 29, 2009

Real Wedding: Pink and Ivan, Part II

Welcome back to Part II of Pink and Ivan's wedding! Previously, we showed you how amazing a wedding can look using a simple but stunning colour palette and especially with some props and accessories. Pink and Ivan did an awesome job planning their wedding with coordinated colours, style, fashion and ambiance... right down to the wedding cake.

In the evening, they held their wedding reception at Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Once again, the colours of fuchsia pink, white and black come into play.... but it looks completely different with a new theme! Our bride picked 'Vintage Boudoir' for a fun, flirty (sexy?!) yet opulent ambiance that we can't get enough of; it's just perfection!

Photos by Jim Liaw Photography

We're feeling that 'Lady Marmalade' vibe! What about you?? We used lots of roses and hydrangea for the floral arrangements, but what made them work so well were the strings of black beads, the fuchsia feathers and the multitude of candles on the tables, in the centerpieces and in the aisle arrangements. To add more depth and dimension to the arrangements, we handcrafted accessories of miniature black and white flowers for the candles and tealight holders.

When the candles were lit and the ballroom's special lighting effects were switched on, Pink tells us that the atmosphere was pure magic and her guests were simply blown away! We are happily inclined to believe her! :)

Our bride tells us: "We had the PERFECT wedding day. Ivan and I had so much fun that we want to get married all over again!" And we at Wishing Tree will be ever so happy to decorate your wedding as many times as you wish to get married, haha... Thanks once again, Pink and Ivan!

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