Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Wedding; Andrew and Serena, Part II

In our first post on Andrew and Serena's "friend's only" dinner reception at Sassorosso we showed you how pretty the venue looked in the daytime, with a crisp pink, green and soft gray palette. When the sun went down, the candles were lit, and people came to party.... it looks almost completely different (in the most marvelous way)!

Photos by WondrousVision

So, so romantic! The glow from the candles beautifully lit up the floral arrangements and created a sparkly effect off the the glassware. We think the long table arrangements really helped maximize the lighting effects for the ambiance and photography.

One of things we love about Andrew and Serena's wedding is that they've managed to incorporate little things about themselves as a couple and their courtship into the details of their wedding, making it truly special and truly theirs.Did you notice the little favours on the plates? They were chocolates in mini zip-loc bags...and there's an awesome story to go with it!

Andrew and Serena love travelling and enjoy the outdoors very much. They are also avid skiers (which inspired their wedding cake). Before the wedding planning started, our couple decided to brave the world's highest mountain and climb it. Little did Serena know, Andrew was planning to propose to her on Mt Everest... with the diamond ring tucked safely in a mini zip-loc bag that he carried all the way up!! How romantic is that? :)

We have one more post from Andrew and Serena's wedding. This time, a more traditional Chinese banquet with family and friends held at Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur coming up next.

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