Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Real Wedding: Angie and David, Part I

Dear readers.... We have a new blog post, and it's about time! Today we bring you the wedding of Angie and David in Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa. Thank you, Zung of The Photoz for the pictures!

Our Malaysian Chinese bride and her Spanish husband live abroad so most of the planning was done via e-mail, handled expertly by our friend Michelle of Michelle Wedding Consultants. Our couple live and work in the city and travel often for work, which inspired their decision for a tropical garden wedding in a relaxing, resort atmosphere, away from the city's bustle.


We love that Angie and David incorporated elements of their Malaysian Chinese and Spanish cultures into their wedding, from decor to programs and ceremonies. Cyberview Lodge provide the lush, tropical garden ambiance of Malaysia - perfect for a touch of rustic charm, using the delicate Baby's Breath. This was a great opportunity to use Baby's Breath as primary flowers instead of as fillers.

For the wedding ceremony, we used a simple and cheerful palette of white and yellow - which represents the lemon, which is one of Spain's biggest exports.


Baby's Breath is very versatile to work with, it holds up well in the heat and humidity of our weather, is available all year round AND goes with virtually any color palette. We also adore it for its sense of femininity in a rustic, romantic way.

Next, we have Part II of Angie and David's evening wedding reception!

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