Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To each her own bridal bouquet

Do you remember bridal bouquets of the past? If you can remember that far back, about 10 years and beyond, all we had here were roses or carnations with sprigs of baby's breath or something similar. No one remembered or cared about what brides carried in their nervous hands.

The bridal bouquet does more than give you something to do with your hands; it is the crowning glory for your outfit!

No matter your style, you will always be able to find the flowers, colors and arrangements that best suit your personality and the theme of your wedding. All you need is a little forethought and planning, as your favorite flowers may be seasonal and may not be available for your wedding date.

Here are some of our recent bridal bouquets, which we hope can give you an idea of how different the styles and mood can be, and what kind of bride you would imagine when you see their bouquets :)

Bridal bouquets

Our bride, Gan Eng, chose to carry a round bouquet (known as "nosegay") of soft pink peonies, pink parrot tulips and pink eustoma - sweet and romantic just like our bride! Peonies are a traditional Chinese symbol of the happy marriage, and tulips represent "the perfect lover".

If you wish to use peonies for your wedding, remember that they are seasonal and available from May to June and October to December. Tulips, on the other hand, are available all year round but they will require advanced reservation.

Bridal bouquets Bridal bouquets
Left: Jun Yee's bouquet, Right: Caroline's bouquet

For our bride Jun Yee, who chose a Classic English theme for her wedding, she carried an elegant bouquet of lady pink roses and pink hydrangea with a touch of white eustoma and a modern twist with rust orange calla lilies.

Calla lilies represent a majestic beauty, and its unique shape and color is wonderfully used as part of a monochromatic color palette mixed with other flowers of different shades. The combination of flower types truly tantalizes the eye with its textures while maintaining its sweet, romantic mood with a contemporary touch. All flowers in this bouquet are available throughout the year and easy to obtain.

Caroline chose an all-white theme with a touch of green for her classic European wedding - a theme that is mirrored in her bridal bouquet as well. Comprising white roses, white eustoma and white phalaenopsis, Caroline's quiet elegance and beauty is also represented in her romantic bouquet. The flowers in this bouquet are also available all year round.

Bridal bouquets

This bouquet is a little bit different, as it represents both the bride and her groom! Our bride Melissa loves the color green, while her groom loves red.... and we are more than happy to create this special bridal bouquet for the wedded couple. For Melissa's bouquet, we used maroon peonies, white rananculus and African green brazelia for a unique twist. Again, peonies are seasonal and are available from May to June and October to December, while the rananculus and African green brazelia and available all year round.

Caring for your bouquet:
To keep your bouquet looking fresh before your big day, place your bouquet in a vase of water and store in a cool place and in an upright position. During the wedding, spraying your bouquet occasionally will help prevent the flowers from wilting in our hot and humid weather!


lbc flower delivery said...

Oh' I love her bridal bouquet! Wish I can also have a beautiful bouquet like that on my own wedding.


Wishing Tree said...

Hi Yumi, thanks for dropping by! Give us a call if you haven't already had your wedding, and we'll create the perfect bouquet for you. And if you have already had your wedding, well, there's always anniversaries and birthdays :)

flower Philippines said...

Wonderful bridal bouquet I want on my wedding I had the same bouquet,is it expensive?


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