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Styling and photography with 'The Inside Out Workshop by Jenny Sun'

Earlier this year, our dear friend Sherly Aziz of Tie The Knot told us about a new project she was involved with, and asked if we were interested to be a part of her design/styling team. We said yes! Wishing Tree is always up for fun side projects, especially those that require loads of pretty. The Inside Out Workshop by Jenny Sun was a great chance to indulge the other side of business, so to speak, not to mention a great way to mix business with pleasure.

We have many beautiful photos from the workshop, many thanks to Joshua K of Inlight Photos!

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP065_zpsb52d8e8f.jpg
Welcome to 'The Inside Out Workshop by Jenny Sun' in Kuala Lumpur

Jenny Sun is a Sydney-based wedding photographer who travels around the globe wherever her work takes her. Since 2011, Jenny began holding photography workshops - the first of which was in Singapore, and the second in Sydney the year after. 'The Inside Out Workshop by Jenny Sun' in Kuala Lumpur was her third and most recent one, a 3-day intensive practical workshop held on 28-30 June 2013 at Wanaka The Bungalow in Damansara Heights.

Jenny's workshops are for anyone who loves photography and wants to develop their style and business. She covers topics on shooting, lighting, workflow and editing, as well as business and branding - some of the most important lessons on becoming a better photographer and entrepreneur! She keeps her workshops small, at around 20 participants, to ensure sufficient 1-on-1 time. As with her previous workshops, bookings were closed within a week despite a participation fee of RM3,000 per person.

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP046_zpsba79aa5a.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP047_zps5ae793a6.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP048_zps7187b2be.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP051_zpsa492816b.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP052_zps96df17c8.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP054_zps79c9d9a0.jpg

As a newlywed and with a budding business as a wedding planner and stylist in 2009, Sherly quickly became a fan of Jenny's photography and especially loves the photographer's vintage aesthetic and styling. When her friend and industry colleague, Joshua K from Inlight Photos, mentioned Jenny's plan for a workshop in KL but didn't have time to organize it, Sherly asked if she could have the pleasure of planning it for Jenny. And that's how Wishing Tree became a part of Sherly's "dream team" together with Trulyscrumptious and  weekendiminlove.

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP083_zps8364f794.jpg
Bathed in glorious sunlight both indoors and outdoors, with a spacious garden, Wanaka The Bungalow was the perfect location for the photographers.

Sherly worked her magic over three months of preparation, her inspiration coming from a "fabulous tree in the garden". The earthy space was a wonderful canvas for a rustic romance theme with shabby chic details. "I wanted the participants to leave with a memorable experience of a fun and pretty 3-day affair by adding little details in personalized stationery and goodie bags, the desserts and the overall atmosphere. After all, they are photographers and would love to capture all the pretty details!"

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP082_zpsf8150064.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP087_zpse93fe433.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP068_zpsee156b98.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP078_zps8cb0472a.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP079_zps4fc6dacf.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP071_zpse90a00d6.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP073_zps60fdec2b.jpg

What a load of pretty details! The flowers by Wishing Tree, of course. Keeping the colour palette to a minimum with brown, green and white, Sherly was able to play with beautiful pastel colours coming from the flowers, the dessert and some props, creating quite a wonderland for the photographers.

As a stylist, Sherly is a huge fan of props but advises that props are just to enhance your theme. "Don't go overboard and end up cluttering your set up. A few good props make a huge difference; they don't have to be expensive but something that suits your style and venue."

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP080_zps42001a5b.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP076_zpsb0736e7c.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP060_zps81485f66.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP044_zps382ca23d.jpg

There is so much inspiration sources out there, say Sherly, which sometimes leads to an overcrowding of ideas on the drawing board. Learning to cut out ideas and shorten your decorations list isn't going to be the easiest thing to do when you're hopped up on design and styling inspiration, so to make your wedding or engagement party stand out, use ideas that are personal to you as a couple and keep editing your inspirations to choose the details that mean the most to you.

We were very fortunate to have great weather during the workshop, seeing how unpredictable our weather has become. The lighting was fabulous and our photographers were happy.

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP011_zpscb8966b8.jpg
A section of the outdoor set up in the garden at Wanaka The Bungalow

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP009_zps559528cf.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP001_zps7250b256.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP005_zpsbe182f02.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP015_zpsba7c15cc.jpg

The wonderful thing about rustic, vintage, or shabby chic themes is that your vases, ornaments, accessories and props do not have to be expensive, matching, or in perfect condition. It helps to have an eye for details and a touch of creativity, Sherly explains. For the DIY bride, her advice is to start early and look for good bargains at flea markets, arts and crafts fairs, or even at places your travels take you. However, if you are struggling to put your ideas together, an expert will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. But do scout around for vendors who can work within your budget.

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP012_zpsb7268bc2.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP008_zpse8f70eef.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP022_zps0aaad320.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP013_zpse5a13766.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP021_zps16138649.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP017_zps37ec48fb.jpg

Floral arrangements need not be huge or larger-than-life, as you can see in the photos above. Small arrangements in mismatched glass jars, metal cans, porcelain jugs (you get the idea) can all make a big difference. The trick is to cluster more of them together in larger, more open spaces, or use them individually on smaller props or furniture.

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP035_zps4d04b18d.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP040_zps0b2c573b.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP030_zpsf9798379.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP032_zpsa2554528.jpg
 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP024_zpsf72eac12.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP025_zpsfc2c123d.jpg

Displaying your wedding cake or desserts does not always have to be on a table top. See how pretty they look on top of wooden crates? If you're having an outdoor wedding party, get fun and creative! We love that the cakes complement the rustic romance/vintage/shabby chic theme as well as the natural atmosphere of the venue. That's not something we see very often at weddings. Great job, Sherly and the team at Truly Scrumptious!

 photo PROPS_CAKES_IP055_zps70cf426e.jpg  photo PROPS_CAKES_IP014_zps52c6fc43.jpg

We hope that you've been inspired by the gorgeous styling of Sherly and the beautiful photos by Joshua K. We are so happy to have been a part of this event by Jenny Sun!

At the end of the day, says Sherly, styling is all about the "the pretty" and getting an expert stylist will keep you up to date on trends, help create fresh designs, choose colour palettes and provide advice or guidance on venues, tablescapes, customizing your decor from scratch, or sharing info on the best places to source for props and accessories. Happy styling!!

Venue  Wanaka The Bungalow
Stylist  Tie The Knot
Photography  Inlight Photos
Flowers  Wishing Tree
Stationery  weekendiminlove
Dessert  Truly Scrumptious

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