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Julius and Katherine's colourful garden wedding at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa

Congratulations, Julius and Katherine on your nuptials and for pulling off such a fun daytime wedding ceremony. With the expertise of their wedding planner Natasha from The Peak Xperience and master photographer Jim from JLP, this was surely a wedding to remember.

It's been a while since we decorated a wedding themed after a movie. Like Benjamin and Clarine's wedding, styled after 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Avatar', Henry and Joveyn's 'Avatar' inspired evening and Pink and Ivan's 'Moulin Rouge' vintage boudoir. It is a great way to come up with a wedding theme if the bride and groom to be share favorite movies or shows. Pick one that both of you love, and run with the ideas!

What do you think Julius and Katherine chose for their garden wedding theme?

 photo Katherine-amp-Julius-6004_zps6b0174a4.jpg
A colorful garden wedding in the tropics features balloons and pomanders with yellow daisy, rose spray and white freesia.
The venue of this lovely garden wedding was Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa in Cyberjaya. Their inspiration: the Pixar animated film 'Up'! We love the use of balloons against a lush, green backdrop of Malaysia's tropical outdoors. But be sure to use colours from the same palette as your wedding theme!

An indoors section was set up for guests to register and enjoy some light refreshments while browsing pre-wedding photographs.

 photo Julius-Katherine-posy-montage_zps891c1aa6.jpg
Pink, yellow, orange and purple gerberas for colorful tabletop posies.
We created tabletop posies in the same theme as the garden set up, in light pink, dark pink, purple, yellow and orange gerberas. Table arrangements don't have to be big to make their presence felt, just interesting and unique. A little bit of height makes a big difference if the arrangements are small.

 photo Katherine-amp-Julius-6288_zps29ed571b.jpg
The bridal bouquet is a bright pop of colour, featuring roses, rose spray and freesia.
Katherine's bright bridal bouquet stayed true to the wedding theme, featuring a pop of colour from the roses, rose spray and freesia. This was actually Katherine's second bouquet as the first one was used in the morning and had withered a little by the time this garden ceremony took place.

Just a little advice to wedding planners, brides, or friends and family responsible for the flowers: do keep our hot and humid weather in mind especially if you are holding your wedding outdoors, or if your wedding day involves a long day of being outdoors. Keep a backup bouquet on hand, or at least be able to hustle one up quickly when a second bouquet is required for later in the day.

 photo Katherine-amp-Julius-6429_zps6a7614af.jpg
Cherry blossoms frame the entrance to the garden wedding.
Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa provided the cherry blossoms used to decorate the entrance into the garden wedding venue. It looks very pretty, doesn't it?

After the wedding ceremony in the garden, the wedding party moved indoors. Our couple wanted a an elegant and romantic evening for their guests and themselves to enjoy while sitting back and relaxing, so they requested a simple and classic decor with Tiffany Blue and white for the colour theme.

 photo Katherine-amp-Julius-7036_zps6a2b2051.jpg
Bridal table centerpiece, bursting with phalaenopsis, roses and hydrangea.
 photo Katherine-amp-Julius-7008_zps98422ced.jpg
The base of the centerpiece arrangement features mirrored boxes, white calla lilies and hydrangea, white candles and silver beaded candle holders.
When the lights were turned down, the ballroom became quite a feast for the senses. There is simply no equal to the warm glow of candle light when it comes to creating romantic ambiences.

 photo Julius-Katherine-reception-montage1_zpscb97f8bd.jpg
Tall floral arrangements and candles on Tiffany Blue boxes to line the walkway.
 photo Julius-Katherine-reception-montage2_zps31d4054a.jpg
It is in the little details that make a great centerpiece amazing.

Thank you so much, Julius and Katherine for sharing the most important day of your life with us and our readers! May your new life together be filled with much love, wonder and adventure.

A note from Julius and Katherine:
"We were initially very worried about the budget and the distance we had to travel for the meeting with Wishing Tree since we were residing some distance away from the venue. However, Lily and her team were able to accommodate our needs and to provide the best service despite the difficulty in meeting up. Ultimately, the wedding was beautifully designed. We are pleased to have engaged Lily and her team and have no regrets at all. Thank you so much!"

Wedding planner  Natasha Khoo from The PeakXperience
Photography  Jim Liaw from JLP

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